The couple


The story began when we arrived at our home for our second holidayweek, THE BOATHOUSE in St. Mawes, Cornwall.

We were really glad to reach such an amazing place after one week on the motorway.

In this first week of our holidays we visited several places in South England. Some nice, some comfortable, one rainy, but the most amazing. It was always a warm welcome, when we came in our guesthouse. 

We started with visiting Calais, before passing the Channel with the ferryboat. After an impressing crossing at 7-8 bft windspeed the White Cliffs of Dover welcomed us.

The next night we spent in Brighton in a hotel at the seafront, where we disappeared after having breakfast, because the weather didn't invite us to a walk on the beach.

Then we looked forward to visit John and his family, a collegue of my husband. They live near the sea in a really nice town on the way to Portsmouth. Together we had a cup of coffee with view at the see.

Although we had planned to make a trip along the southcoast, we changed our idea. We went to Oxford, where we stayed 2 nights at Adams GuestHouse to see Oxford University, the town and Blenheim Palace, where the Duke of Marlborough lives with his family. Surely with the help of a lot of gardeners and some other staff ... ;)

The next stop was Weston-super-Mare,  The owners of the small Hotel really loved it, to have guests. They did anything, to let us feel like proms. A great sandcarving-competition was a highlight in this town.

The last stop before our boathouse was Newquay on the westcoast of Cornwall. We found a spectacular sandy and bright beach, decorated with rocks. At the end of this day we saw an amazing sundown.


Now, finanally I have to come back to the story I wanted to tell ... 

We liked Cornwall yet when we reached our lovely home for this second week of our holidays. But ... another couple had its place near to us, to the sea, the sailing boats, to our home. And we didn't knew if they really loved each other. 


The man loved to lay in the sun or to be in the water with his feet or to sit on a boat. He was a very quiet man. 

She always came and wanted to be by his side. That looked really lovely, but he was a little bit strange, he looked away! 

No, they couldn't be very lucky in love. Why didn't he give her a kiss or something like that. Weren't they on holiday, too?

We were surprised, but his wife always came back and wanted to be with him. We thought, perhaps their marriage was arranged by their parents, it couldn't be their own will...

Yeah, ok, She was very bothering. She talked all the time and tried to kiss him again and again and she wanted to be warmed.

She instantly wanted to be more recognized.


But he didn't want ...

Even when she brought him the finest dishes and danced in front of him - naked!


Can you imagine what happened? 


Yes, that's right. The lovely girl didn't see any chance for her sweet love and flew away. 


What a pitty ... for this seagull!


Oh, I'm very sorry. I shouldn't forget our last stay in Dover, before we went again to Europe by ferryboat. No.7 Priory Lane was a perfect end of this trip.